Writing Contest: “What’s in the Box?!”

Pandora and her box. Engraving of a painting by F.S. Church. Public domain image.

Pandora and her box. Engraving of a painting by F.S. Church. Public domain image.

Archaeologists at the site where Richard III’s body was recently discovered made a strange new find earlier this week: a heavy stone coffin, containing a second sealed coffin made out of lead. The team intends to transport the mysterious second coffin back to a lab for study, but because X-Rays and CAT Scans are unable to penetrate the lead cover they will have no idea what is inside until they open it.

If popular culture has taught us anything, this is a bad idea.

But it presents a great opportunity for speculative fiction! So I’ve decided to hold a little writing contest. Whoever can come up with the best idea for what’s sealed inside the lead coffin-within-a-coffin before midnight, Aug. 31, 2013, will be awarded one internet. And also a $10 Amazon gift card (continental U.S. only). There’s no limit on the number or length of entries, but only one entry will be selected (by me) as the winner. Others may receive honorary mentions.

You can email your entries to me at mattevanprobst (at) gmail [dot] com or provide them in the comments below.

Oh, and when the ignorant scientists release The Thing That Killed Richard III from its centuries of imprisonment and the Age of Man comes to an end, please resist the urge to say “I told you so.” As last words go, it’s just really tacky.


6 thoughts on “Writing Contest: “What’s in the Box?!”

  1. Sharon Hart Addy

    Ah, the bodies of the slain princes have never been found. Richard III is suspected of ordering them murdered while they were imprisoned in the Tower. Could it be he kept their bodies close, and assumed they’d never be uncovered in his own tomb?

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