Set a Course for Nostalgia, Warp 5

Via David Mendez of the Tucson Weekly, here is an awesome music video remix of Reading Rainbow footage that recaptures the show’s timeless message:

The auto-tuned footage was produced for PBS Digital Studios by the folks behind Symphony of Science, who have done a series of pro-science videos such as this particularly neat collection of Carl Sagan clips.

It’s very sweet to be reminded of Reading Rainbow, which really helped broaden my creative imagination to the amazing potential that can be bound between the covers of a book. I was cheered to learn from the Weekly article that RR host/warp core engineer LeVar Burton has revived Reading Rainbow as an iPad app.

I remember seeing seeing Burton at the 2010 Phoenix Comic Con, where he attended a panel with several other Star Trek: The Next Generation stars. While the discussion was mostly focused on Star Trek, the conversation briefly turned to Burton’s work with Reading Rainbow and the impact that it had. That spurred the crowd of more than five hundred to spontaneously burst into the first few bars of the theme song. It has to be gratifying and humbling to know that you’ve touched so many lives in such a positive way. I’m glad that Burton has revived the series–even though I don’t have an iPad to see it with.


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